What is your dog trying to tell you?

Learn to talk dog courseDo you often wonder what your dog is saying? Clearly, it’s not in words so Google translate can’t help! But we can learn to understand our dogs so much better, so that in future a quick glance at any dog will tell you a great deal about how they’re feeling.

Reading body language and facial expressions

From childhood, you learnt how to ‘read’ other people’s facial expressions and judge their moods. In Sarah Whitehead’s online course you can learn to read a dog’s body language and to understand their facial expressions. This will help improve your communication with every dog you meet.

Who is the Learn to Talk Dog for?

The course has been designed to be applicable to anyone with an interest in improving their understanding of dogs.

Whether you’re a dedicated owner, a trainer, or professional in the field, this comprehensive course will bring to life the hidden language of dogs.

En route you’ll learn to …

  • understand your own dog in a way that others don’t
  • predict your dog’s behaviour (and that of other dogs)
  • avoid you – or your dog – getting bitten by unknown dogs
  • get off to a great start with a puppy or rescue dog

And, above all, as a dog owner, you’ll improve your training, your bond and your relationship with your dog. Find out more …

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