In the kennel with … Steve Mann

Clickety Clips interviews top dog trainers

Steve Mann, Dog Trainer & Behaviourist, Chairman of the IMDT
Steve has been a full-time dog trainer for over 20 years. He has trained thousands of dogs and hundreds of professional dog trainers. He is founder and chairman of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and presents seminars, courses and workshops for dog trainers and behaviourists worldwide. A regular on TV, Steve has starred in several shows including ‘The Underdog Show’ and ‘Who let The Dogs Out?’ alongside Ashleigh & Pudsey.

CC-vsmll-logo-pple How would you advise owners on the best way to bond with their dog?

SM: Play! Dogs love to play – and dogs love those they play with!

CC-vsmll-logo-pple What would be your 3 top tips for owners wanting to be a good dog trainer?


  • Believe what you see, not what you hear.
  • Always ask ‘what does it mean to the dog?’
  • Train how you would like to be trained.

CC-vsmll-logo-pple And your advice on 3 things owners should never do when training their dog?


  • Never train in a way that you would dislike being trained.
  • Never ask a dog for behaviours when you’re angry.
  • Never wear a bumbag, baseball cap and wolf-embossed fleece!

CC-vsmll-logo-pple In your experience, what do owners find most difficult about dog training?

SM: I think owners find it most difficult to accept that training is a process – not an event.

 CC-vsmll-logo-pple And, finally, what do you envisage the greatest challenges will be for pet dogs – and their owners – over the next 10-20 years?

SM: The greatest challenge will be to have time to enjoy each other’s company. The solution: use your time wisely or don’t have a dog – they deserve more.


The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers offers accredited courses in dog training and behaviour.


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