101 doggy dilemmas

Why does my dog do that?

101-dilemmasLike many dog owners, we frequently wonder why our dogs do what they do! Dog trainer and author Tony Cruse has selected 101 of the questions he’s most frequently asked and offers simple explanations and practical solutions in his new book.

For the answers to why your dog jumps up at people, why he pulls on the lead and why your puppy is nipping your children, read extracts from the book below.


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In the kennel with … Terry Ryan

Clickety Clips interviews top dog trainers


Terry Ryan CPDT-KA, KPA CTP Faculty
Terry has been a dog training class instructor since 1968. She teaches pet dog classes, writes books, presents national and international seminars and workshops, hosts interns, and does consults. She was the Coordinator of the People-Pet Partnership, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University from 1981 until 1994. Terry has also been a competitor and American Kennel Club judge. She was on the American Humane Society’s advisory board for humane dog training.

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Surviving puppy adolescence


My teckel [AKA Dachsund] is proving to be a valuable learning experience. This is code for “what have I done?” The adolescent challenges just keep coming, and progress has not only stopped, we are heading rapidly backwards. My marvellous plan of just sticking with it is seeming less and less practical as the days pass and the problems increase.

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In the kennel with … Gwen Bailey

Clickety Clips interviews top dog trainers


Gwen Bailey gained a great deal of very valuable practical experience working part-time in a breeding/boarding kennels for most of her childhood. After University, she worked for 12 years for a national animal charity where she introduced behaviour work to the rescue world. Twelve years ago she started Puppy School, a network of UK puppy trainers, all using kind effective methods and trained to a very high standard. Puppy School now has about 70 trainers around the UK, and owners can be safe in the knowledge they will get effective and safe training for themselves and their puppies at their classes. Gwen has written 12 books. Millions of owners will be familiar with her best-selling title Perfect Puppy. She has had lots of puppies and rescue dogs of her own who, she says, have taught her so much.

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Do you need to be a dog whisperer?

Online dog training courses resource launched

Do you need a dog whisperer?

Trained dogs are happy dogs. So why, as the statistics suggest (see infographic below) , do many people fail to train their pet or give up so early in puppyhood?

A big problem is that most of us are time-poor, which means taking a dog to training classes can prove a challenge. Which is why we’re launching our online courses resource to complement the videos on Clickety Clips. You too can be a dog whisperer (or at least learn not to be a dog shouter – dogs have very good hearing!) from the comfort of your own home (and garden and park).

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The Starbucks experience – for dogs

Puppy’s retreat

No, I’m not suggesting that you and your dog toddle off for a daily pumpkin spice latte. Although, if your local branch is dog-friendly and you like your hot beverages sugar-rather-than-coffee-based it’s as good a place to do some socialisation as any I’m sure (for more on the importance of socialisation watch this video).

Starbucks for dogs isn’t about Starbucks. It’s about creating the Starbucks (substitute your favourite cafe here) experience for your dog. In his / her crate.

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In the kennel with … Carolyn Menteith

Clickety Clips interiagiews top dog trainers

Photo: Your Dog magazine

Carolyn Menteith KCAI (CDA), DipCAPT is a dog trainer, behaviourist and writer about all things canine. As an internationally renowned dog expert and experienced broadcaster, she will be familiar to many from her appearances on TV in shows such as Top Dog, What’s Up Dog? and Celebrity Dog School.

She writes a monthly column for Your Dog magazine, and has written and presented a series of dog training films (many of which are on Clickety Clips) and an app for Dogs Trust. She is the originator of The Puppy Plan, backed by both the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust – you can read more about this important scheme below.

She is one of four finalists for the UK Kennel Club’s Trainer of the Year Award. The winner, voted for by the public (to vote, click here) will be announced at this year’s Crufts Show in March.

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Considering doggy day care? Read this first

When I was five or six years old my mother took me to kindergarten. I am told I cried the entire day, sitting in the corner and sobbing hysterically. Nothing anyone did assuaged me. When my mother returned to pick me up, I reportedly ran screaming across the room, grabbed onto her legs and wouldn’t let go. Oh my.

I thought of that somewhat embarrassing story when a friend asked if they should put their dog into a local Doggy Day Care. If you’ve been following my blog you know my answer: “It depends.” A bad doggy day care is no less than abusive and dangerous. A really good one can be a wonderful option for some dogs, but not others. I can relate to the “not others”. If I’d been a dog when I was young, I would have hunkered in a corner, big-eyed and silent, or growling and snarling under a chair. But how does one know which dogs would enjoy doggy day care, and what day cares are safe, healthy places for the dogs who are good prospects?

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Include your dog in your New Year exercise plan


It’s that time of year again – in magazines and on TV the latest diets and exercise guides fight for space with summer holiday promotions, compounding the slight feelings of guilt from over-indulgence during the holiday season.

If you’re like me, you’ll check out the local gyms online and work out exactly how much of what type of exercise you’ll do on what day. All that planning makes you feel pretty good! And then January 2nd rolls around (pun intended) and you remember how boring you found it on the treadmill or stationery bike, and the classes you quite fancied clash with the school run or work. Basically, life takes over.

But, if you have a dog I’m pretty sure (I certainly hope) you have some time in your schedule for Rover’s daily outings. And he’s the most reliable exercise partner you could wish for – or at least the most unlikely to decide that staying in bed is preferable to going for a walk.
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Pawfect – our top Christmas tips for dog owners

Christmas tips for dog owners

We’ll keep this short as we know you’re busy preparing for Christmas holidays. But if you’re also panicking about Christmas with your dog and how your puppy or older dog is going to cope with it all (or how your not-so-doggy friends and family will cope with your dog) here are our top 3 Christmas tips for dog owners, plus a few video clips just to get you in the Christmas spirit.

1. Does your dog jump up to greet people?

Worried he’s going to knock over the elderly, trample the very young and cover everyone else in muddy paws? Between now and Christmas, put this simple exercise into practice (it really is simple!).

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