Do you need to be a dog whisperer?

Online dog training courses resource launched

Do you need a dog whisperer?

Trained dogs are happy dogs. So why, as the statistics suggest (see infographic below) , do many people fail to train their pet or give up so early in puppyhood?

A big problem is that most of us are time-poor, which means taking a dog to training classes can prove a challenge. Which is why we’re launching our online courses resource to complement the videos on Clickety Clips. You too can be a dog whisperer (or at least learn not to be a dog shouter – dogs have very good hearing!) from the comfort of your own home (and garden and park).

Time to enjoy being with your dog

Training means you can spend more time enjoying your dog. Instead of the walk becoming a daily stress inducer as you fail to catch Fido (or worse), you can be confident in your dog’s behaviour so they can have more freedom.

Online courses

Many dog trainers have realised the need for alternatives to the weekly class and risen to the challenge of creating distance learning online courses – so dog owners can follow a training plan delivered with a mix of videos, slides, quizzes and personal feedback, and all from the comfort of their own home. Indeed, as more and more sites offer online dog training, it can be difficult for owners to know which to choose. At Clickety Clips we’re reviewing and building a list of online dog training courses for owners – meaning you can pick from the best and most suitable for your needs, all in one place.

(If you’re a professional dog trainer or would-be dog trainer, we’ll be listing online / distance learning courses for you as well. And if you’ve created a great online dog training / behaviour course and we’re not yet listing it, please get in touch!)

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Dog training graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365


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