Dog training videos online – welcome to Clickety Clips

Clicker imageWatching dog training videos online is a great way to learn how to train your own dog. But search for videos about training dogs on YouTube and you’ll be presented with many millions. So how does the average dog owner decide which ones to watch?

By collecting and reviewing videos from around the web Clickety Clips delivers the solution, bringing together good video tutorials and demonstrations that use positive training methods: where the dog is rewarded for learning with treats, praise and play.

Clickety Clips makes it simple to find videos relevant to the needs of all dog lovers, from first time puppy owners to experts looking for ideas. On Clickety Clips you’ll find the videos categorised for you so you can browse through puppy or dog training sections and easily find tutorials for teaching specific behaviours from basic cues to fancy tricks, or search by topic or favourite trainer.

As those of you familiar with clicker training may have guessed from our name, in many of the video clips the trainers do use a clicker. But you don’t have to. If you’re watching a video where the trainer uses a clicker, you can simply replace its use with a word (e.g. ‘Yes’ or ‘Good’) to let the dog know exactly what you are about to reward with a treat. You can find out more about clicker training by watching one of the video introductions in the clicker training section.

But that’s not the only reason for our name. Our first dog training project was Clickety Dog, an app – still available for smartphones and tablets.

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