Pawfect – our top Christmas tips for dog owners

Christmas tips for dog owners

We’ll keep this short as we know you’re busy preparing for Christmas holidays. But if you’re also panicking about Christmas with your dog and how your puppy or older dog is going to cope with it all (or how your not-so-doggy friends and family will cope with your dog) here are our top 3 Christmas tips for dog owners, plus a few video clips just to get you in the Christmas spirit.

1. Does your dog jump up to greet people?

Worried he’s going to knock over the elderly, trample the very young and cover everyone else in muddy paws? Between now and Christmas, put this simple exercise into practice (it really is simple!).

2. Leave it!

One thing you can be pretty sure of is that food will get dropped on the floor or left at dog-nose level by an unsuspecting guest. Here’s an easy and very useful exercise to practise.


3. Concerned your dog will be a pest at meal-times?

One or more pre-prepared Kongs* will save the day. Watch this video for ideas. And check out our store for boredom-busting toys for your dog when all you want to do is flake out in front of the TV!

*an almost indestructible hollow chew toy you can stuff with food-stuff.


4. The dog that saved Christmas

Maybe not your dog this year … but with all the great training demos and tutorials on Clickety Clips – maybe next?


5. A Christmas fairytale  …


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