101 doggy dilemmas

Why does my dog do that?

101-dilemmasLike many dog owners, we frequently wonder why our dogs do what they do! Dog trainer and author Tony Cruse has selected 101 of the questions he’s most frequently asked and offers simple explanations and practical solutions in his new book.

For the answers to why your dog jumps up at people, why he pulls on the lead and why your puppy is nipping your children, read extracts from the book below.


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Include your dog in your New Year exercise plan


It’s that time of year again – in magazines and on TV the latest diets and exercise guides fight for space with summer holiday promotions, compounding the slight feelings of guilt from over-indulgence during the holiday season.

If you’re like me, you’ll check out the local gyms online and work out exactly how much of what type of exercise you’ll do on what day. All that planning makes you feel pretty good! And then January 2nd rolls around (pun intended) and you remember how boring you found it on the treadmill or stationery bike, and the classes you quite fancied clash with the school run or work. Basically, life takes over.

But, if you have a dog I’m pretty sure (I certainly hope) you have some time in your schedule for Rover’s daily outings. And he’s the most reliable exercise partner you could wish for – or at least the most unlikely to decide that staying in bed is preferable to going for a walk.
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Dogs on screen

Anne Caborn takes a look at dogs in the media

According to the old saying bandied about in acting circles, you should never work with children or animals. It’s credited to W.C.Fields but most people admire the sense while being ignorant of its provenance. No matter how great your acting talent, share the stage – or the celluloid – with a waggy tail or some wide innocent eyes and you’re going to be eclipsed by the ‘ahhhhh’ factor. But if the above advice is true, then an awful lot of modern celebrities choose to ignore it (and it doesn’t do their careers any harm whatsoever). Dogs on screen can prove a silver lining when it comes to their careers.

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