Do you need to be a dog whisperer?

Online dog training courses resource launched

Do you need a dog whisperer?

Trained dogs are happy dogs. So why, as the statistics suggest (see infographic below) , do many people fail to train their pet or give up so early in puppyhood?

A big problem is that most of us are time-poor, which means taking a dog to training classes can prove a challenge. Which is why we’re launching our online courses resource to complement the videos on Clickety Clips. You too can be a dog whisperer (or at least learn not to be a dog shouter – dogs have very good hearing!) from the comfort of your own home (and garden and park).

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Pawfect – our top Christmas tips for dog owners

Christmas tips for dog owners

We’ll keep this short as we know you’re busy preparing for Christmas holidays. But if you’re also panicking about Christmas with your dog and how your puppy or older dog is going to cope with it all (or how your not-so-doggy friends and family will cope with your dog) here are our top 3 Christmas tips for dog owners, plus a few video clips just to get you in the Christmas spirit.

1. Does your dog jump up to greet people?

Worried he’s going to knock over the elderly, trample the very young and cover everyone else in muddy paws? Between now and Christmas, put this simple exercise into practice (it really is simple!).

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Dog training videos online – welcome to Clickety Clips

Clicker imageWatching dog training videos online is a great way to learn how to train your own dog. But search for videos about training dogs on YouTube and you’ll be presented with many millions. So how does the average dog owner decide which ones to watch?

By collecting and reviewing videos from around the web Clickety Clips delivers the solution, bringing together good video tutorials and demonstrations that use positive training methods: where the dog is rewarded for learning with treats, praise and play.

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