The Starbucks experience – for dogs

Puppy’s retreat

No, I’m not suggesting that you and your dog toddle off for a daily pumpkin spice latte. Although, if your local branch is dog-friendly and you like your hot beverages sugar-rather-than-coffee-based it’s as good a place to do some socialisation as any I’m sure (for more on the importance of socialisation watch this video).

Starbucks for dogs isn’t about Starbucks. It’s about creating the Starbucks (substitute your favourite cafe here) experience for your dog. In his / her crate.

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Worst nights of the year? Dogs and fireworks

Welcome to the Fireworks “season” (for those of you in the UK). When did that happen? When did it stop being about November 5th and start to become an excuse to set fire to things at any time of the day or night for at least a week, and probably up until New Year?

Let’s face it, fireworks are a slightly strange idea. Ok, humans generally love them (although I’ve seen many a too-small child being laughed at by their own family for being petrified at a display) but really what is the fascination with making the sky explode, loudly and repeatedly? Evolution would suggest that we should run away; we certainly wouldn’t be standing around watching if it was a bomb exploding overhead. But then we can differentiate between “safe” fireworks (?) and dangerous alternatives.

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Howl-oween – Halloween tips for dog owners

Our Halloween tips for dog owners will ensure even four footed friends have a good time

Planning on including your furry friend in your scary celebrations? Here are a few tips to ensure everyone is having a good time…

1. Should I take my puppy trick or treating?

Nope!  Excitable kids in shape-shifting outfits and masks (MASKS!) making weird noises, in the dark, with the potential for fireworks, calling on strangers’ houses where there may be less-than-friendly dogs, etc etc. Yes, your puppy needs to experience everything  – kids, dressing up, strangers, being out at night – but not all at once! Leave the pup at home, in a safe place (pen / crate) with a yummy stuffed Kong. Better still, someone stays with the pup to make sure he is not frightened with all the neighbourhood shenanigans.

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