The dog training course for all the family

plkdLarge2Do you want the perfect family dog? Of course you do!

The secret is it’s not just about training the dog.

It’s about training the whole family. We think this really is a unique online programme, helping everyone in the family – the kids as well as the grownups – understand their part in raising their dog the right way.

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What is your dog trying to tell you?

Learn to talk dog courseDo you often wonder what your dog is saying? Clearly, it’s not in words so Google translate can’t help! But we can learn to understand our dogs so much better, so that in future a quick glance at any dog will tell you a great deal about how they’re feeling.

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Clicker training practice

clicker training practice


What is clicker training?

Taken from his introduction to the Clickety Dog game for mobiles and tablets, pet behaviour and training consultant, Chirag Patel explains the principles of clicker training – and the best way to get clicker training practice.

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In the kennel with … Sarah Whitehead

Dog Coach Videos interviews top dog trainers & behaviourists

Sarah and Jack 2010 copy.jpg

One of the UK’s top dog trainers, Sarah Whitehead, is an authority on puppy training, development and behaviour, aggression, and canine body language. She has an MSc in Animal Behaviour and has been involved in research with Dr John Bradshaw. She used to be Deputy Editor of Dogs Today magazine and is also the author of 24 behavioural and training books, booklets and DVDs. She appears regularly as a consultant on TV and radio.

Sarah also runs the Clever Dog Company chain of puppy and dog training classes with eighteen branches across the UK and has just launched a new on-line dog training programme Train Your Dog Online.

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How to train your dog with the learn to earn programme

how to train your dog
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Are you looking for a quick fix for your dog’s out-of-control behaviours? Is Rover constantly attention-seeking, jumping up, running off, chewing everything but his own toys, barking, chasing the cat … (I could go on)?

Unfortunately, I haven’t got a magic wand, but I can introduce you to the next best thing: a programme that will teach you how to train your dog. How to teach your dog to control his emotions (i.e. use self-control) to pay attention to your voice or signal, and to actively look to you for guidance.

The Learn to Earn programme – also known as Nothing in Life is Free (NILIF), Say Please, or No Free Lunch – is top of many dog trainers’ toolkits as the fastest way to change a dog’s behaviour patterns (in days or weeks rather than months or years).

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In the kennel with … Peter Neville

Clickety Clips interviews top dog trainers & behaviourists

Peter Neville, Professor in Companion Animal Behaviour
Peter Neville has been in practice for the treatment of behaviour problems in pets for over 25 years. He is a founding partner of COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) which offers a range of residential and distance learning courses in companion animal behaviour and behaviour therapy and Adjunct Full Professor, Dept of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University, USA. He is a lecturer and speaker in high demand at veterinary, behaviour and training meetings around the world.
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Dog Days of Summer Competition winner!

Congratulations to our Dog Days of Summer Competition winner!

Meet Solar, star of the winning entry to our #DogDaysOfSummer competition and congratulations to Anna Lawrie who sent in this delightful photograph – felt by all the judges to exemplify a typical English summer’s day on the beach. The prize of £150 voucher from Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear is on its way.

Want more cute dogs enjoying summer? Check out our favourites here

Share top dog training videos on your website or blog

example of video widget on a dog trainer’s website

Invitation to dog trainers and bloggers to share dog training videos

Would you like to share new and popular dog training videos on your own website or blog? Now you can!

With our new video ‘widgets’ you can quickly and easily display a selection of videos to complement your current dog-related content.

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Why train your dog?

roland-sonnenburgWhy train your dog? Recently, I was conversing with a friend who doesn’t train her dogs beyond the minimum required. She doesn’t want to diminish their individuality, to be their master, to break their spirits, to turn them into automatons. She doesn’t even really want them to be obedient – she wants them to do what they want, not her bidding.

As we talked, it became clear to me that her idea of training is very different from mine. She perceives it as diminishing – removing unwanted parts of a dog, while I perceive it as enriching – nurturing and developing additional facets of a dog.

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Dog Days of Summer Competition

Update – competition now ended, click here to find out who won.

Only a few more days to send us a picture or video of your dog enjoying summer!

Win £150 voucher for your choice of tug and other toys that you and your dog will love!
Win £150 voucher for your choice of tug and other toys that you and your dog will love!

Between the 3 July – 7 August, we’re running our Dog Days of Summer competition on Twitter and Facebook to celebrate the #DogDaysOfSummer. The winner will get their paws on a £150 voucher for fabulous Tug-e-Nuff Dog Gear products.

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